Using Exam Editor

Exam editor allows you to create your own exam and modify existing exam. Below discuss what are the features of exam editor and how to use it.

To launch exam editor, Click Tools menu -> Exam Editor. In exam editor you will see a toolbar and menu. In the toolbar, you will see Create new examdata, Open existing examdata, Save changes, Save as, Close current examdata and Exit editor.

Exam data window

When you open or create an exam data, you will see three tabs. Information, Properties and Data tab. In Information tab, it allows you to set the Name, Credits and Description of the exam. In Properties tab, it allows you to add Word type or Language, this affects the number of columns it will display on Data tab. When you add a Word type/language, you need to choose what is the function of that word type, you can choose Question Only, if this word type should only be in question form; Answer Only, if this word type should only be in answer form; Both, if this word type can be as Question or Answer. In Data tab, it allows you to create or delete topics, under each topic you can create exam item, on each item, you need to fill up the word types/languages that you have created in Properties tab. On each item, you also have the option to specify wrong choices. Wrong choices are used in multiple choice exams. So instead of randomly generating from existing exam data, it will use the specified wrong choices during exam.

Creating new examdata

Create new examdata lets you create exam. Before you can begin adding data, you need to fill up Information and Properties tab. In Information tab, specify the name, credits and description of the exam. You can still modify these fields later if you need to change something.

In Properties tab, you need to add at least 2 word types and assign it as Question and Answer function. An example of a word type/language you can add for a simple exam are "Question" and "Answer", then choose Question Only for Question and Answer Only for Answer. Another example is if you like to learn Japanese-English vocabulary, you will create a word type/language Japanese and English then set their function to Both.

After you have fill up Properties tab, you can click on Data tab to start adding data.

In Data tab, you need to create a topic first before you can add item. After creating a topic, click the + icon to add an item. On each item, you can specify wrong choices. Click new button to add new wrong choices.

After editing click Save button to save the changes then close the editor.